The New Honeycombs


The New Honeycombs are a professional group of musicians who have worked together for almost 10 years. The present line up worked until recently as The Honeycombs, together with one of the founder members of the original band, playing at venues across the country.


The line up includes…..

Angela, who has worked on cruise ships and many other venues around Europe but has been the lead singer with the 70’s chart group Butterscotch for the past 8 years.


Paul is the band leader and during his career has been the drummer with 60’s /70’s chart group Katch 22. He has worked with Wayne Fontana and many other well-known names and was even Smokey’s booking agent!


John has been on the music scene for more years than he will mention. He has been lead guitarist with 60’s group The Raiders, Lead guitarist with Twinkle and guitarist and vocals with Liverpool’s The Fourmost as well as working alongside many well known 60’s stars.


Jeff has played bass along side many 60’s greats including The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Lulu… The list goes on!!


Together they work in fourpart harmony to bring you an authentic 60’s sound along with the Hits that include: Have I the Right, That’s The Way and Is it Because, along with the humour that prevails in a tight working group.

They are… The New Honeycombs








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